What Inside Out Can Teach Us About Loving Our Kids


The other day I recommended the movie Inside Out to my friend, Cynthia, as an intervention. Her favorite niece, Emily, is going through puberty. The sweet little girl who used to love shopping and doing craft projects with her aunt, is now moody and not interested in sharing those activities. Cynthia feels hurt about this change, but her efforts to control their relationship and get it “back on track” have backfired and made things even more strained between them. Now, sadly, Cynthia seems to have lost all affection and compassion for the girl she once adored. I hoped that by seeing the movie, she might soften and feel empathy for her niece. Inside Out may be a wild, animated romp for kids, but it packs at least three powerful messages for parents and caregivers. (Read the full article at Psychalive.)

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